Saturday, 13 September 2014

So I've Started A Blog

Why don't you have an explore? I've put a handy explanation of what's going on in the 'About' page up there in the tabs see.

Also got some photos up, mainly for the funny one of my house mate Elinor on the U23 road champs podium. Go look at it and laugh, it's a Saturday, you've earned it. Maybe you've not earned it, maybe you've spent the whole week watching TV and wondering if popcorn is mostly air and therefore healthy (answer = yes), have a look anyway.

I'm thinking I'll have a firm grip of what's going on here in a week or so, but give me some wiggle room. If it turns into an online collection of lists (my second favourite things to make (panackes are my first)) then I apologise but it's a hard craving to ignore.

To blogging!


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