Thursday, 16 October 2014

European Champs Qualifying

We qualified fastest, whoop whoop. I've rewarded myself by having a shower sat down.

But it's only the first step. Tomorrow we'll have the second round (where we'll face the fourth fastest qualifiers (Germany)) and then -depending on the outcome of the second round- the finals. Too much punctuation in one small space? Yes, I agree.

The concrete 333m track is an interesting challenge. It's proper humpty dumpty to ride on which looks quite comical. Can't really say it feels comical when it's you that bumping all over the place, centimetres from the wheel in front... but we're dealing.

That seems to be the take away lesson from this trip. You're struggling with the heat? Your handling is suffering with the surface? The massive bat-sized moths creep you out? Well every other nation feels the same way: get over it. I actually quite like the challenge of proving that we can deal with the little stresses better than other squads. Doing pretty well so far, eh.

Tomorrow also brings the points race! There's a head-wind / tail-wind element to add to the race tactics since it's outdoors. Plus the finishing straight is huge so lots of time to roll round people for a sprint. Going to be interesting me thinks.

Team Pursuit is the main focus though, can't think too much beyond that. Wish us luck!

Qualifying Results:
Great Britain: 4.40.289
Russia: 4.44.000
Lithuania: 4.46.703
Germany: 4.47.279

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  1. well done on winning the team pursuit and individual pursuit golds at the European track cycling in Guadeloupe open air track and you are all set up for the track world cup coming up very soon well done