Sunday, 26 October 2014

I Might Have A Single Bed But It's A Quality Mattress

So I haven't posted in a while. That's because I've been on the verge of sleep -but not quite sleeping- for the past week. The feeling reminds me of when I was at school and could nod off before the register was complete; admittedly a lot easier when your surname is Archibald.

This is true because Archibald is usually first in an alphabetical register and because Archibalds are very good at sleeping. Driving us home, my brother once fell asleep waiting for traffic lights to change. There used to be a sofa in my dads office especially for naps (he now just "works from home"). And you know what Archibalds do for a living actually? We sell beds! WE REALLY LIKE SLEEP. I NEED MORE SLEEP.

I have a three step plan to better my current situation of not-enough-sleep:

1. Go home (and stay home)
2. Go to bed
3. Stay in bed until Elinor starts to worry I've died*

I'm on a train to Manchester at the moment so headed in the right direction. Though now I type that the train has stopped moving. Someone is messing with me. Strong winds don't stop you from landing a train** do they?

Well if I do make it home, and I do consistently sleep, I'm going to give you lots of interesting anecdotes about the past fortnight. But if that never happens, and I have to rely on basic thought and only eating with spoons because forks are too dangerous, this will be my one comprehensible line: "This one time, when the omnium podium was Trott, Archibald, Vos..."*** Or I might just start grunting the words "bike go" if it gets really bad. Fingers crossed for neither.

We got back from the European Championships last weekend with 6 golds and 8 medals for GB. We won any pursuit title that was going: men and women's team pursuit, and the individual pursuit titles went to Andy Tennant and myself. I thought that was pretty slick. Other medals were gold for Laura Trott in the omnium and Callum Skinner in the kilo, silver for Jon Dibben in the omnium and bronze for Ed Clancy in the scratch.

We fly off to Mexico next weekend and we're right back at it again. I have 6 days of solid 12 hour sleep days. Looking forward to it.

Train moving again! Bye!

*Elinor thinking I've died is also my queue to get out the bath

**Strong winds stopped our plane from landing last week, video here.

***I was racing in the London Revolution UCI omnium this weekend. Result: 1st Trott, 2nd Archibald, 3rd Vos. Very cool experience.

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