Thursday, 13 November 2014

If my duvet can't come to your party I can't come to your party

Got back from Mexico on Tuesday night and flew straight to Glasgow for a few non-cycling days.

I've focused my time on watching The Mindy Project and trying not to think too hard about my saddle sores disappearing whilst I'm off the saddle (because a watched pot never boils). Obviously this is really hard because I've been sat in pajams all day, what else am I meant to think about?

Anyhows Mexico wasn't so awesome (not because of saddle issues, they're not actually that bad at all I just like to complain when I'm hot and my mum keeps the heating in this place SO HIGH) but I've got a bit of re-charge time before heading back to Manchester. In typical teenage fashion^ I'm not going to talk about my Guadalajara world cup experience because it didn't go well and no I just don't wanna talk about it and NO MUM I'M NOT UPSET *slams bedroom door theatrically*. Oh apart from saying congrats to both GB mens' and womens' team pursuit squads on the medals.

Back to The Mindy Project. It's becoming really hard to talk to myself in my own voice. So much of the show is monologued that I feel I'm monologuing my life in SOMEONE ELSE'S VOICE. That's messed up right? I've lost my own voice? Did I ever have a voice? Is my entire inner-head-life just me regurgitating my favourite authors / TV stars view of the world without realising? All new concerns, now that I can't stop thinking with the same intonation as Mindy Kaling.

Getting to see a lot of my friend Fiona whilst I'm back as well. The good news is that she's not famous so if my weak and easily manipulable mind starts copying her speak, it's unlikely you'll notice and call me on it. Although she watches a lot of TMP too... what if all Mindy fans are slowly turning into her because her voice is so contagious? Will it make the whole world hilarious?

^I'm twenty years old, but when I was a teenager I feel I acted quite maturely and thus am now owed my immature teen years.

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