Monday, 3 November 2014

We're In Guadalajara!

I thought that once I'd caught up on sleep back home I'd write a frenzied series of blog posts on Life, The Universe and Everything but sadly that never happened. Both the former and the latter.

But I think I've really nailed it now- I feel like your nostrils after inhaling olbas oil; like milk straight from the udder; like Will Smith. I feel fresh.

The journey to Guadalajara was a bus journey to London, an eleven hour flight to Mexico City, another one hour flight to Guadalajara and then an exciting (terrifying) 30 minute drive to our hotel. It was so exhausting that I fell straight into bed and slept like a baby. I'm cured!

I did only get 7 hours sleep though. But I think this is good news, it means the tiredness will hit me in the afternoon and by 9pm I'll just slink back into bed ready to pass out again. Travelling west is awesome.


  1. Hi Katie, just wanted to say thanks for writing your blog I'm really enjoying reading it, you write so well. Good luck in Mexico!

    1. Thanks Anna, maybe see you at one the revolution rounds I hear!