Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Happy (part one)

I usually only write posts when I'm happy. It makes a lot of sense because most other moods make me sleepy (anger, sadness, fear, indifference) and that messes with my typing and you get words missing here, there and.

But instead today I'm going to write down my Do's and Don't for mood improvement in the hope I find some positive indifference (very close to happiness) on the way. Here goes.

DO listen to catchy classic songs very loudly. Start with Destiny's Child.

DON'T listen to whatever sad song you always listen to when you're sad because, get this, it will only make you more sad.

DO have a bath. And hold your breath under water and pretend you're a fish giving it all "down where it's wetter, down where it's better, under the seeeeaaaa!"

DON'T get out the bath. Love the bath.

DO rationalise your problem because you're probably upset over something stupid. e.g "My ankles are so fat, why am I even alive?!??!?!"

DON'T expect that to help, because emotions are not rational. My least favourite Scroobius Pip lyric is "How hard is it to decide to be in a good mood, and then just be in a good mood?" Seriously hard, bro, seriously bloody hard.

DO watch It's A Wonderful Life since it's December.

That's what I'm doing now actually, I'll finish this later. Be right back.

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