Friday, 26 December 2014

Try To Enjoy The Wait

So I had a tense relationship with the internet in Tenerife, until eventually I lost the urge to monologue my life in a series of blog posts. Weird right?

But with the coming of Christmas - aka the season of indulgence - my urge has returned. Lucky you!!

So here's the chat from Ian Archibald's School of Philosophy, titled Life Is Like A Game Of Five A-Side.

So you're on the pitch, and you're running around like mad trying to make space and get a pass. Which is smart and usually you'll get a clear channel and the ball will be knocked your way. But sometimes if you just stand still, the person marking you will clear off, space will clear and you'll be left open for the pass...

Comforting idea right? Occasionally it's better to just relax for a bit and take what comes your way, instead of chasing your whole life. Makes me feel better about sleeping away every Sunday I've ever had. Eventually what wakes me up will be DESTINY (instead of pins and needles from having crushed my own arm).

WARNING: Other pearls of wisdom from my dad include Hydration is a fad, why are all these runners drinking all the time? so take all advise with a handful of salt.

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