Thursday, 29 January 2015

And that last post has just reminded me that...

the British Women's Madison wasn't held this year.

In recent years it's taken place within the week of the National Track Championships (September) but when entries to that opened and there was no Madison in sight I emailed the organisers asking when a date would be set; it was unknown.

The Men's Madison national championship event was then announced to be held at a round of the Revolution series in London at the end of October. Again we asked around and found no women's event.

So by November, no date had been announced. Bearing in mind that for a national championships entries usually close a month in advance, I gave up hope. We were now in the full throes of winter team pursuiting and I'll be honest, it wasn't the biggest thing on my mind.

However, recently I found out that the event was at some point set to be held on 20th December alongside the Scottish Cycling Championships. I heard about it whilst racing a Revolution round on 3rd Jan.

In my opinion the whole thing was shoved together at the last moment and casually kept off the radar. When not enough entries (possibly none) came through the event was of course cancelled and now it can be dubbed as down to lack of demand?!

You can excuse me for thinking there's some kind of conspiracy at play, but it makes no sense! Why try and squash interest in an event that's so exciting, demanding, tactically complex and bloody crowd pleasing! Is this a simple stream of unfortunate coincidences, am I just being paranoid?! Or does it seem like the cycling community is giving up this event.


  1. I saw my first track event at the revolution at the weekend and the Madison was really exciting to watch. So why no ladies event or indeed at the revolution a mixed would also be good. I'd love to see a (normal sized people) Archibald & Rowsell v ( mini sized people) trott & barker Madison

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