Thursday, 29 January 2015

My First Album

Did an interview today and I think the prevailing theme ended up being "my third slice of cake".

I won't make an effort to explain it further than that; the video will at some point be put on Total Women's Cycling and we'll see if the edit shows my cake obsession. I hope not... I've been trying to give off this professional athlete vibe by almost constantly wearing a helmet and I'm not sure the cake thing will go? People will just think I'm a builder with a lycra fetish?

Riding home contemplating this made me think about how if I was a famous rapper with an album about to drop I would have made that the prevailing theme of the interview. Unfortunately I ain't got no album about to drop. I ain't even got no album that's leaning over the edge of the CD shelf* thinking about dropping. So with my lack of an album comes a lack of agenda: if I do an interview I'm mainly there for the banter**.

With one new exception!

Myself and Elinor Barker have been moaning for a while now that there's no Women's Madison at the track cycling world championships, and now you can play Madison Moan Bingo! My stock answer to "What would you improve within the sport?" will be "Introduce a Women's Madison at Worlds." When you read this in an interview you just tick off any number on your bingo card (nobody actually wins, the fun is in the playing).

People barely ever leave comments on this here lovely blog but if you want in on the Women's Madison conversation please do type away at the bottom. Track cycling is pretty awesome on gender equality but this race seems to have been overlooked. I view the Madison as the finale to a world championships and women should be in on the action.


*Ha, CDs.

**Beware of the interviewer who offers none of their own banter, leaving you nervously filling the gaps with embarrassing story after embarrassing story as they stare right at you pretending to rub anti-bacterial hand gel into their hands when really they're doing an evil-master-plan hand rub and you spill your guts into their dictaphone before realising what's going on and finishing in a crescendo of 'THIS ISN'T THE TIME FOR BANTA THIS IS THE TIME FOR WORKA'.

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  1. Seem to remember you winning a mixed Madison at the Scottish Track Championships a couple of years ago. A "mixed" could be a first step towards fulfilling your wish. See you on the road - Commissaire Bob