Friday, 13 February 2015

Packing for Paris

Taxi for the airport arrives in an hour in a half. I'm sat in a towel writing a blog post because I feel getting ready is like creative work. You have to wait until you're on a roll and you can power through it in no time. If I pack and dress half heartedly it will just take twice as long, so I might as well wait it out. Plus I ACCIDENTALLY took this towel on long term loan from a hotel and it's super soft and when I grow up I'm going to live in it.

Want me to set the scene further? I can hear Elinor in the shower. That doesn't mean I can hear the shower running, it means I can hear her shower playlist playing Beyonce's 'Flawless' which is the song that everyone should ready themselves to ("You wake up, flawless. Post up, flawless. Ridin' round in it, flawless. Flossin' on that, flawless.")

Rosie and Danni have already left for training, which means that when we leave in the taxi they wont be pressing funny faces against the window :(

And that's me at the moment. Clock is ticking away though and I still haven't even packed my raccoon. Better get organised!

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