Tuesday, 3 March 2015

2012 Training Diary

At my mum's house for a bit of a post worlds thang and anyhows I stumbled across my training diaries running from April - October 2012. The day has been hilarious at times but also a bit scary.

I kind of thought that I was just bashing around back then and ended up getting lucky. Turns out I was actually doing some seriously specific track training; in fact most of the sessions I am back doing these days. There was a spell (after my first big result) that I started "getting serious" and changed my whole approach- probably a good thing that I got picked up by GB before doing too much damage eh!

All the specific training stuff is quite boring when it's out of context, so instead I wanted to share the ridiculous parts so we can laugh at me.Here goes.

First off, this is the (self designed) cover on one of the diaries. Like, seriously? I have female Olympians on the back cover, so I may have been a perv but at least I wasn't sexist. 

It wasn't always clear that I had the kind of drive needed to be a top athlete...

But at least I knew that track league was something to be taken VERY seriously.

Still struggling to actually do that "training" thing though. Hhhhmmmmm.

Clearly aware of my own ineptitude, I'm reluctant to put my hand up for British Cycling's development programme...

But this is the dramatic last entry before I go digital. The good news is I start getting better!!

Even if I did never quite manage to crack this one.

Night! x

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