Saturday, 4 April 2015

Buxton Mountain Time Trial

Thought that whilst I've got bike stuff running around my head (this is more rare than you might realise; usually it's just 'In the Shadows' by The Rasmus running on constant repeat*) I'd blog about it to keep my mum in the loop - hi mum - and generally treat my laptop like a sporty Freud's chaise lounge.

Just been comparing my ride at the Buxton Mountain TT this year to last. A basic break down goes like this:

Time = 1:00:02
Average HR = 168
Max HR = 178
Average speed = 35.2km/h
Max speed = 72.8km/h
Weather = 14 degrees and sunny, quite windy

Time = 1:02:13
Average HR = 177
Max HR = 187
Average speed = 33.0km/h
Max speed = 79.2km/h
Weather = 12 degrees and raining, fairly still

First off, it's one of my favourite time trials; well organised, good course and a brilliant cafe at hand. Thanks, of course, to all involved. Now for the vain dissecting of my ride.

So I went slower. This seems bad, but the conditions were worse this year. As a guide, both years I've been first and Sarah Storey second; 2014 there was 30 seconds between us and this year 40 seconds. Not an exact science but a good bet that the conditions held us back to similar extents.

Average HR is freaking me out. 10bpm higher this year seems a big jump, am I just trying harder? The British Cycling physiologist can expect one of those annoying emails where you put more than one question mark after sentences. You know what I mean?? Even though adding more doesn't change it being a question??? Ya know??????

Max speed I'm pretty happy with and makes perfect sense. I'm a lot more aero this year after a season of tweaking my Ridley and probably a more competent descender.  And ehm, baby elephant in the room, I'm a few kg heavier.

All in the all this coming road season should be quite exciting. My first repeat of a similar road programme means that I'll have quite a lot of comparable data and hopefully see all the amazing progress I've made?!

Enough blabbing, I've got a flight to catch. Someone text me if there's lots of typos in this so I can feel embarrassed! x

*I'm not kidding, for the past 4 years I've had this song in my head. One day I'll be on an American look-at-the-poor-sod documentary still humming "nuh nuh nuh nuh, nuh nuh nuh nuuuuh uh uh."


  1. "I'm a few kg heavier". I thought that you were about the same weight as Emma Pooley? :o)) Sounds like a good course for Emma?

  2. Good luck for the season ahead, hope it's a good one for you