Thursday, 21 May 2015

I'm Thankful People Don't Take The Piss About Me Writing Stupid Things On The Internet

So I was reading about gratitude in this NY times article. As you would expect, with a subject matter as painfully sincere as gratitude, it's kind of cheesy. But whatever, I'm not the only person who starts a diet every Monday, decides to become a happier person every Wednesday and makes a list of exactly how they're going to 'change their life around' every Sunday, am I? So I won't lie about enjoying reading this stuff.

I still have the same bad habits and insecurities as I had at 15 years old (that's approximately 286 failed fresh starts every Monday and 5 failed super-mega-fresh starts every New Year) but you know what, maybe next Monday will be the one big breakthrough. Since I really believe this, that there's every chance I'll wake up the next day a totally different but better Katie, reading this crap is like doing research for my weekly project, titled: "BECOME THE AWESOME PERSON YOU WANT TO BE! [subheading:] by making lists about what that person should do."

So yeah, anyways, we were talking about gratitude. I've decided I'm going to start keeping the lauded gratitude diary:

"The gratitude journal was brief — just one sentence for each of the five things — and done only once a week, but after two months there were significant effects. Compared with a control group, the people keeping the gratitude journal were more optimistic and felt happier."

It's too obvious, right? Well, like the experiments where they prove that smiling makes you happy (duh), that's what I love about it. 

I was actually planning on blogging said diary, but can you imagine how cringing that would be? [assumes squeaky voice of nursery aged child] "I'm really grateful that once again the sun chose to rise on our glorious planet and keep supplying life and good times and yeah, love and peace..." [bats eyelashes and looks disgustingly modest and sincere]. Eeugh. So I'm going to keep that shit private. 

Although I did think to myself, hey, it's nice to be nice. Tell the twelve* people that read your blog about the secret to feeling happy. Well there you go, it's now yours.

You can put "I'm grateful that Katie was overly open on the internet and led me to keeping this diary." as your first entry.

Night x


p.s. Another item on the NY times' gratitude list is writing a 300 word letter of thanks which you then read out loud, really slowly(!) to the person you're thankful for. I think that one's just for the Americans; we Brits are a long way off being that bloody openly emotional. I might text my mum saying thanks or something, baby steps...


  1. Somebody once told me whenever you feel ungrateful imagine yourself as a 12 year old girl in Afghanistan or Rwanda then tell yourself you're not lucky to be alive.

    1. "This works for a while,
      But then I encounter Primark FM.
      Overhead a rainbow appears,
      In black and white."

      National Sh*te Day - Hald Man Half Biscuit

    2. ... HALF Man Half Biscuit

  2. Just to confirm, I am one of the three that reads this.

  3. A friends page you may wish to scan over/submit to...