Saturday, 19 August 2017

Jeezo this whole blog is really out of date.

I had a meeting with an agent a couple years ago (when I was sure I was on the cusp of hitting the big time and would need someone else to answer my calls but this time never came PLEASE SOMEONE CALL ME I'M SO LONELY) and the agent told me how bad an idea blogs are because they inevitably end up as a graveyard of dated beliefs. I laughed because I knew that mine would be different.

Yet here we are, years between posts and a deep-wrinkle-causing cringe on my face if I dare to scroll down. Don't do it. I'm doing it now and I don't know why I'm not just kicking myself in the face instead.

I have continued to write. But mainly in the Scottish Sunday Herald. Some of them are archived here. Where are the rest? Erased from the internet in order to add value to my gran's collections of newspaper cut-outs.

I also occasionally write for Cycling Weekly. Most of them were never put on the internet so just believe me when I say that every word is hilarious. I mean the overall impact is confusing but every word is either Ecclefechan or boobies which are the funniest ones out there, so, yeah, pretty consistently lol causing.

And maybe one day I will return to here as a platform.

Alas I'm not going to delete the whole blog in an embarrassed strop. For the meantime, the photos and my palmares are still kept up to date, ish, so they can justify it's continuation.

Katie x


  1. Be cool if you did any type of vlogging, Katie.

  2. Your blog is great. It's just rather lovely to read an astonishing athlete blogging as if she were just a normal person, albeit a highly articulate, intelligent and amusing one. I'll stop fawning now. Just watching you on TV, bossing it in the London 6 day.

  3. This is quite exceptional in its value - and especially in the contexts said Agent was concerned about - since the evolution and convolution of thought process and actual manifestations in Life and Living and Achievement / Experience can stand and even be elevated by looking back at where and how we maybe boxed ourselves in, or thought we had certain things all figured out...or not. The honesty and rhythm of this as well - appearing on page exactly in the form it was if somehow dictated and printed from your mind...offers a very special kind of insight and openness that's rare in this Age where vetting or culturing what appears on SocMed for specific effect / appeal is the new normal (especially for Public Figures) and hardly done by Highest Level Athletes. Ride On!
    Oh...and yes, UPDATE definitely required! :)